In late 2007 Kevin Vernon of Tudor Motor Bodies, Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK, got together with Stuart Halstead of GMPartsWorld to offer a high-performance engine conversion for owners of CVH-engined Morgan 4/4s. This conversion offers an upgrade from the standard 87 - 97bhp Ford 1600cc CVH engine to the 1800cc Ecotec VVT engine as fitted to 2008 Vauxhall Astras and Vectras.

In standard vauxhall trim this engine puts out around 140bhp. In the Morgan installation, a custom ECU (MBE 975H) is used and has been programmed to deliver in the region of 145bhp at the rear wheels, equating to something like 175bhp at the crankshaft. This delivers a package with a power to weight ratio considerably in excess of most +8s powered by the Rover/Buick V8.

Ecotec Inside

Ecotec VVT Engine

The conversion also involves the installation of a high-efficiency alloy radiator from Peter Mulberry and requires suitable uprating of the braking system to take advantage of the greatly increased performance.